Cannock Tweet up

It was a Sunday I think, when I went to Cannock Chase for a greyhound meeting.

I had no idea where we were going when Mom put me in the car that morning,  with my lead and my coat. We went for a really long drive, and as usual, I whined and panted all the way. I was grumpy because I hate going in the car!

Even though she had borrowed a SatNav from cousin Holly, we still managed to get lost and we arrived late. Mom blames this on a road closure, but I think she just has no sense of direction. When we eventually pulled up in the car park, I was feeling quite stressed.

As soon as we got out, I looked around, and I saw Maggs! What a lovely surprise! And then this other lady came and said hello. It was Roxy’s Mom! Suddenly I noticed lots of other hounds and I felt much happier about my trip!


We all had a sniff to say Hello, and then we went for a walk. We walked quite a long way, up and down hills till I was very tired, but I didn’t mind because it felt great to be walking with hounds again. I wanted to be close to them so we rubbed shoulders and mingled together and I’m afraid I did get my lead tangled a few times!


I cant remember all their names, but Holly and Harry were there, and Roxy the collie and Robbie! And we made some new friends who were on Twitter too. I had a wonderful time and I think Mom did too.


After the walk, we stopped at the cafe so that the humans could have coffee, a cake and a chat.


Some of the humans brought treats for the houndys too, although I was shy at first and refused to eat them. I dont usually refuse food so Mom looked at me, a bit worried.


But then someone opened a box of sausages! I lost my shyness very suddenly and dived into the crowd of hungry houndies! I love sausages! I had lots of them, and then had some cheese too.


They made a very nice midday snack!

After the treats and when Mom had finished her coffee, it was time to go home, and I must admit I was tired!  We had lots of houndy hugs, and then we walked back to the carpark. Mom asked me to get in the car and I just looked at her, so she picked me up. I relaxed like I always do and I flopped down into the back of the car.

How undignified!   Maggs, Mom and Lu laughed at me! I did feel a bit silly but I just can’t jump! Don’t know why!


Anyway, I had had a lovely time, and even though I was very tired, I still whined and fretted all the way home. One day I might be happy to travel in the car, but not yet.


4 thoughts on “Cannock Tweet up

  1. You all are very Lucky to be able to get together. This little whippet is definitely envious. The pics are awesome.


  2. I wish we had hounds nearby here to have meet ups with! Most of them don’t socialize much, I’m afraid, and our friends that do are moving away soon. One of these days, I hope we get lucky with some nearby neighbors!


    • Houndy families here are very sociable! Lots of meet ups, and the Great Greyhound Gathering in September. WEe are lucky I guess. Us houndies love to walk with other houndies, feels right somehow.


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