Bella, Movie Buff….

I have decided to try my paw at writing movies. Here are some of my ideas so far.

The Great Dane Robbery
The sad tale of Delilah the Great Dane, kidnapped from a train at the zoo, smuggled out of the park in mail bags and never seen again. Take some tissues.


The PugFather
A family fued between two families of rich american pugs, resulting in a huge dogfight and a very sad horse.

The Italian Dog
A pack of Mini Schnauzers race through Rome trying to steal bones from the Doggybank. They evade the Rottweilers by running under their legs and escaping on a Greyhound bus.

Gone with the Whippet
An epic lovestory between Winston and the beautiful Mollie, set in the times of the War of Independence. Lots of ups and downs, some fighting for the boys and a cute puppy.


Winston Whippet

The Fast and The Furriest
Greyhounds and Leonburgers racing each other round town, lots of action, not much of a plot, but then it’s one for the boys, and boys are easily amused. (The greyhounds win of course)

The Dog wears Prada
This one is for the girlies. Lots of posh frocks and snazzy collars, lots of bitching, and of course a happy ending.

Star Paws
A sci-fi movie. Includes legless robots and lots of fighting with light sabres and silly costumes. Guest starring Ama as the Wookie and Maisie as Princess Leah.


Bark it like Beckham
Spaniels learning to play football. Lots of team spirit, a funny wedding scene, a few misunderstandings and some romance. Puppies will love it.

Tale of Two Puppies.
A dark, heavy movie set in France, about two brothers, and some royals. A movie for thinkers, some violence.

Four Weddings and a Furbaby
A light hearted British comedy, one to giggle through, lots of weddings and a hilarious retriever. Bit of rude language so not one for the puppies.

Raiders of the Lost Bark.
A classic adventure film starring Indiana Bones, searching in lots of creepy places for the missing Bark of his beautiful side kick Eva. A family film, great for a wet weekend.


Well those are my ideas, what do you think? Could I be the next Steven Speelburg? I quite fancy a trip to Hollywood!


7 thoughts on “Bella, Movie Buff….

  1. OOOHHH MYYYYY DDDOGGGGG!!!!!! This is the best. I love my picture HAHAHA (I’m so vain). No really I love the me & Mollie story & that we r mentioned. I love the Ama story. They r all so creative Bella. Really so creative. You are more and more amazing every day. 😊😊😊


  2. I forgot to mention the Eva story & her beautiful picture. I love them all but especially our family movies.


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