Doggy Yoga

It is true that, as a greyhound, I am not very bendy, but I have been practising my doggy yoga. Why don’t you join me?  Lets get fit together.

Before you start you must always do some stretches.


The first one to try is the Dying Fly. I found this one quite easy.


But if you find it hard to balance, then try some back support, the sofa is quite good for this.


When you have mastered this one, it is time to try the Head Stand. This is a bit more difficult. I haven’t quite perfected it yet.


Keeping your central core flexible is achieved with the Tummy Twist. You will need a chair to support your back.


This might look easy but can go disastrously wrong. Like this. So be careful.


If you are finding these quite difficult, then start with something gentler. A really easy one is the Lean. This one is quite simple to achieve. Just lean!


The Headrest is also easy. You will need a friend to help you with this one. This is Holly, my cousin.


Finally, cool down with some more stretching.


Aren’t you feeling better now? A good run round the garden and you will feel like a new dog.


11 thoughts on “Doggy Yoga

  1. This is an awesome blog. You are terrific at yoga. I’m glad you are our teacher. I’m practicing the corps pose as we speak. I’ll try more later


  2. I’ll try some of these too, they look fun!

    Thanks for making me laugh, you so good at this sweet Bella 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘


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