Please Stop with the Pictures

Just recently it seems it has become fashionable to tweet and retweet pictures of dogs being tortured and eaten, in places like China. For dogs sake Why?

We know it happens, the words describing it are bad enough to endure, without seeing the evidence on my news feed. I wish it would stop.

Why on earth does anyone want to look at these pictures? Isn’t the principle the same as child pornography? We know it happens, we want it stopped, and we want the bad people punished.

Do we actually want to see those pictures ourselves? Of course not!! That would make us as disgusting as them.

So why would people want to look at animals being abused? You seek out those pictures if you need to, but please do not plaster them all over my news feed.

I feel so strongly about this that I am shaking with distress. Please retweet this if you agree with me.

Bella and Mom.


13 thoughts on “Please Stop with the Pictures

  1. Totally agree sweetie. These things give me nightmares and when I cant take anymore I stay away from Twitter until I feel I can come back. I’m not burying my head in the sand over them, I simply cant stand to see them

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  2. Hi sweet sisfur! Me and mommy feel the exact same way! Those poor, defenseless little animals…reading the words hurt but the visuals kill mine and mommy’s heart.
    I understand that the hoomans are trying to show other hoomans what goes on so it can be stopped, dats what mommy told me. But, we don’t want it on our news feed either.

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  3. Well we can unfollow the folks who are posting them can’t we? That’s what I’ve done. I think they probably mean well & want to create change but it saddens me too much & I blocked them. I’m appalled by what humans do to animals. But I can’t look at the pictures. That is unproductive & too painful for this little whippet. How do we repost this & where?

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