If only

Life is unfair. That’s a fact. Everybody isn’t equal, life isn’t good for everyone. We don’t always get what we want. I’m just a hound so what do I know?


If only all hounds could be as lucky as me. There are lots that never get to have a family because some humans treat them as objects instead of the living, breathing creatures that we are.

If only Mom didn’t have to go to work to earn my kibble. She could stay at home with me all day and we would have so much more fun.

If only
If only humans weren’t so greedy, no one would need to go hungry. That one is obvious. What’s wrong with sharing?

If only squirrels couldn’t climb trees. Maybe I could catch one then.

if only things that tasted nice were good for you. Mom thought up that one by the way, but I agree with her.


if only all humans were kind to animals. Why aren’t they? Animals kill to eat. That’s okay. Killing for fun is obscene.

if only I could open the fridge door.

if only we had a bigger house and Mom didn’t have to work. She could adopt lots more hounds like me and make them happy too.

if only roses were as easy to grow as dandelions. Wouldn’t all the gardens look pretty in the summer?

if only my cat would sit still so that we could make friends, instead of running away and making me chase her.


if only humans came in all different shapes and sizes like dogs do. Wouldn’t that make life more interesting!

if only I didn’t think so much. Who ever stops to wonder what a dog is thinking? Our thoughts don’t count. Do they?

I think that the world would be a much kinder place if humans could see what animals thought.


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