Humans can be very strange creatures. They like to have lots of ‘things’. Some are for comfort, like the sofa, some just to look at (strange) and some to play with, which I do get, I like my toys too.


But there are things in this house which I don’t understand. Like the Hoover. I’m not sure what this is actually for, but they keep pushing it about the house. It makes a horrible noise so I try to keep out of its way, but they insist on moving my bed and pushing it in the corners.

I think it must be a secret, family custom though because I have never seen anybody else do it, and they hide the hoover away when we have visitors!

Then there is the washing machine. I absolutely hate it! It gets filled up most days with clothes that are just starting to smell nice, then it clicks and whirrs and makes watery noises that make me want to pee! As if that isn’t bad enough, it goes on and on until it gets so loud that it starts shaking! Sometimes it even makes a high pitched sound that makes my ears hurt!! Mom doesn’t seem to hear it though which is odd. Finally it shakes and shudders and makes an awful racket before it gives up and stops.

The funny thing is that the clothes are all wet when they get them out, and smell like flowers, which means that they have to wear them to make them smell nice again! Ridiculous.

The hairdryer now, is just annoying. It’s fair enough that Mom wants to dry her hair. I can understand that, who wants to be wet, but why does she think it’s funny to blow my fur the wrong way with it, if I go too close? I know its warm air, but honestly! It’s just not funny anymore.

I much prefer a good towel rub anyway.

The fridge is one machine I wouldn’t mind getting to know better! It doesn’t make much noise, just a gentle hum, but the sound when the door opens is very exciting! I run into the kitchen every time I hear it, to get a glimpse of the good things inside. If I could only open that door, and get inside, just imagine the fun I could have! If only….

The lawnmower. That machine is scary. Dad chases it up and down the lawn every weekend, chopping up everything in it’s way, even my tennis ball once! It makes the grass shorter and not so comfy to lie on, and it has wheels. Wheels fascinate me, I don’t know why, so even tho I’m scared of it, I want to bite the wheels. I don’t, because I’m not allowed near it, so I just bark at them instead.

It doesn’t make much difference though, it still comes out every weekend.


If I was a human, I think I would have less machines and concentrate more on sleeping. So much more peaceful.


One thought on “Machines….

  1. Iz agree Bella wiv all dat apart from da hair dryer me luvs having it on me every time mum drys her hair. The cheek he chopped up ya tennis ball!! Iz bark at the hoover n da lawnmower they ruin me sleep. Luv reading your blog waitin for next one now xxx spuddie xx


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