Words I Know

Bad Words. These are ones I don’t like. They are mostly said in a sharp, low pitched voice, or shouted!

I hate having a bath. What dog with any self respect wants to smell like flowers?

They always want to stick needles in me or poke about up my bum.

This means stop having whatever fun I happen to be having at the time.

Usually means I’m going to be spending some time without my Mom.

I’ve passed wind and have to get up and pretend to leave the room.

I’ve been caught doing something I shouldn’t. Or stolen someones dinner.

I’m jumping up and down on Mom’s flowers while barking at next door’s dog.

I’m exercising my lungs or squeeking my toys while Mom is watching the television.

Good Words. These are words I do like. They are usually said in a sing-song voice, or in conversation.

Means I am about to get my kibble.

I am about to go for a short stroll to the shops and back. Any further and it’s a bad word.

Whats This?
If said in the right tone of voice this usually means I’m getting a treat!

No explanation necessary

Means lots of cuddles off Mom and I am getting my breakfast soon.

Now this could be a good or a bad word depending on where we are going.

If dads cooking, this means sausages. See above.



7 thoughts on “Words I Know

  1. Wow! You know lots of words!
    Dis word fing be such a fun idea for a blog posting. I hope it be ok if I borrow da idea for my blog, too? I’ve been waiting for inspirashun and you’re it 🙂


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