I wonder….

I wonder why cats can climb trees and dogs can’t.
We both have the same body parts, four legs, a head and a tail. We are roughly the same shape. We both have whiskers and humans, we eat similar food. Strange!

I wonder why pidgeons look fat.
They eat seeds and worms, cant be much goodness in those, and they flap about a lot. One day I am going to catch one!

I wonder why the Postman brings us presents.
Mom hardly ever talks to him! He comes while she is at work, almost every day, and puts things through the hole in the door. Maybe he fancies Mom! Watch out Dad!!

I wonder why Mom chose me to be part of her family.
I was a big, scrawny, dull, black greyhound who had to learn how to be a pet. Her last two dogs were a Jack Russell Terrier and a Blue Merle Collie. I guess she likes variety!

I wonder why the nicest treats only come in small portions!
How come I can’t have a whole bowl of sausages for dinner? Or enough Wonky Chomps to fill me up? Why aren’t I allowed chocolate? So unfair!

I wonder what Mom does when she goes to work.
She leaves in the car in the morning and comes back in the car in the evening. I have no idea where she goes or what she does! Wish I could go with her!

I wonder why some dogs are so small
We all feel the same, we smell the same, we bark and wag tails the same so why do we come in so many different sizes? Doesnt happen with cats!!

I wonder why I am so lucky.
I have a lovely home and a family who love me. Some dogs are treated badly or live on the streets, they are no different to me. Why do humans let this happen? It’s so unfair


I wonder.


2 thoughts on “I wonder….

  1. Oh Bella, this is wondeful! So clever and you is Very lucky dog having a mum dad that love you so much! I love you loads too 😘😘😘❤❤❤


  2. I love that u r such a thinker. I love that you pose questions. You are very smart. I love that. ((((Hugs)))) & 💋💋💋💋s Bella


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