If Hounds had Hands

If hounds had hands just think
What we would do if left alone?
We’d call up all our friends and
order pizza, on the phone.

The fridge would be no problem
Or the cupboard with the treats,
We’d have our fill of sausages
And other yummy meats.

The cat would do a runner
As we opened all the doors,
Just think of all the fun we’d have
With hands instead of paws!

We’d catch the postman out some days
By opening the door,
And chase him to the garden gate
He won’t come back no more!

We could log on to Amazon
And order things online!
The latest doggy fashions would
Make us all look mighty fine!

We’d have the best time ever and
We’d love it there’s no doubt,
We’d have an awful lot of fun
When humans weren’t about.

If hounds had hands just think
Of all the havoc we could cause,
So humans should be grateful
That we only have our paws.


Written with help from my Mom.


2 thoughts on “If Hounds had Hands

  1. Thanks Bella & mum for making my morning. I laughed so much I had a coughing fit? Love the MDF and her shed bit spechually. 😘😘😘😘😘😘


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