Dustbin Day

Today is the day that the bad men come to steal our things. They do it every week about this time.

I’ve never understood why Mom lets them get away with it! She collects things all week, things that smell interesting, objects from around the house and garden. She must like them because she won’t let me play with them.

They go in the big boxes outside, the ones with wheels. Different things go in different boxes, she is careful to store things in the right places. I like to sniff them, because the green one smells like food sometimes, but Mom always shoos me away. Doesn’t seem fair.


Then, every week, the boxes get taken out to the front of the house. All of the neighbours do it too, I’ve seen them when I go for my walk. I reckon they are all showing off their stuff to each other, but I think it’s just asking for trouble!

After we get home and Mom’s getting ready for work, I hear the robbers coming up the street in their lorry. I try to tell Mom to watch out, I bark out of the window at them but she doesn’t take any notice.

I don’t get it! The lorry is big and noisy and moves really slow, how can she not see it??

I bark and bark while they steal our things, openly, in broad daylight!! It’s amazing that no one ever tries to stop them! If I was that careless with my toys, Mom would get really cross! I sometimes wonder why they bother collecting the stuff in the first place!!

Mom shushes me and tells me not to be silly, but I can’t stop barking till they have gone. Humans are totally hopeless! I just dont understand them sometimes! It’s no wonder they need us dogs to guard their houses, they are not much good at it themselves.


One day I will lie in wait and catch them in the act. I will.


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