Ode to a Sausage

My name is Bella Greyhound
And I just made up a rhyme.
I would like for you to read it
If you’ve got a little time.

I am a sausage fan and
I am not afraid to say
That it would make me happy
If I had one every day.

I don’t mind if the sausage
Is made out of pork or beef
Cos they both go down quite easy
When I chews them with my teef.

I rather like the posh ones
And the cocktail ones are great,
The ones I had at Christmas
Were the best I ever ate.

Hot or cold don’t matter
As I likes them either way,
So please give me a sausage
Cos I aint had one today.



7 thoughts on “Ode to a Sausage

  1. You’re awesome Bella. You’re just the sweetest thing. I’ll have to bring you some American sausages in the fall when I come to visit. MUAH.


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