My Day Out (part 1)

I had a very exciting adventure this week! I visited a Wildlife Park!

We set off early one morning in the car, with a picnic. We got to the park just as it opened, Mom put on my lead and let me out of the car. We were all very excited to be there! Molly the Retriever came with us, and the children, what a great day we were going to have!


First of all, we walked past some really big birds with huge beaks, they were Emus, and a Wallaby which suddenly bounced across the grass!
We saw big, unfriendly looking cats and lots of birds in cages before we went into the walled garden. Here, the walls were low and I could see the animals.


I discovered that penguins smell like fish and they swim really well. I liked watching them! Mom liked them too and we stayed there for quite a long time.


Then I waited with Dad while Mom went into an enclosure with the kiddies to see some boring ducks. While we waited, we watched the Prairie Dogs, they didnt look much like dogs! They were eating carrots, poor things! I bet they would have much preferred some nice juicy sausages!



I could have watched them all day! Until, that was, I saw the otters. Now they were real cute, they were chasing each other around in the sunshine, in and out of the water! They seemed to be having a lot of fun!


There were quite a few places I couldn’t go, and so me and Molly had to wait outside, but that was okay because we had a rest and a few treats.

We were looking at some birds eggs in a display when this dog came by. He was much bigger than me, but he seemed to be friendly. Mom said he was a Great Dane! I have to admit I was a little bit scared of him! I wuffed at him and he walked away!


We looked at the Meercats standing to attention and we saw some Parrots and then we all went back to the cars to get our picnic. I had a drink of water and some biscuits which I shared with Molly. The gardens were really pretty, and it was nice to sit on the grass and eat with the family.

Afterwards the children wanted to have a ride on the little train, and guess what?

The train was called Bella!


And guess what again? Dad bought me a badge!! Wasn’t that sweet of him?

Sadly I wasn’t allowed to ride on her, but while I was waiting with Molly and Rachel, some children came by and fussed us. This was nice, except for one girl, who pointed at me and said

“What is that?”

How rude? Had she never seen a greyhound before? Did she think I had escaped from a cage or something?

Honestly! Some people have no manners!!

To be continued in part 2


14 thoughts on “My Day Out (part 1)

  1. It sounds like a really cool outing! They don’t let dogs in to wildlife preserves here because it’s too stressful for the animals. I think I’d enjoy going in to see one, though! Is it as much fun as hunting ghosts?

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  2. BELLA what a great day!!! And it looks like you got along really well w Molly. That’s great news. I love this story & the pictures r great. What a lovely day. And the train being named Bella is an extra special treat.


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