Busy Day in the Garden

Its the Bank Holiday weekend and the sun is shining.

Mom decided to do some work in the garden and of course I thought that I should help.

The end of the garden was looking a little bit weedy to be sure. After completing poop picking duty, during which there were numerous comments about corks and bottoms, Mom decided to do some digging.
I decided to help by checking she was doing it properly. It’s very tiring work, supervising. 


After a little snooze I checked out the flowers.
These baby ones looked okay.

While I was supervising Mom, Dad decided to mow the lawn. This was very inconvenient as I was very busy checking out the lawn for comfy spots.

After I had made him cut the grass in nice neat lines, I had to check that it was still comfortable. It was thank goodness.

A bit later after a little snooze and a sandwich, Mom carried on digging. I don’t know where she gets her energy from!

I helped her put the tools away by getting under her feet and now it looks like this.

I must say we did a jolly good job, me and Mom. There’s not a weed in sight. And I am exhausted. Better go and have a nap!


3 thoughts on “Busy Day in the Garden

  1. I love your garden. You two do a great job of keeping it nice. And dad does a terrific job of mowing. All-in-all it’s a beautiful yard for you & mum to enjoy.


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