My first tweet up

I hadn’t been with other greyhounds since I left the kennels. 

I had met other dogs but I didnt get on very well with the smaller ones, and Molly was far too excitable!

Last October, Mom made arrangements for me to meet some greyhounds that I had met on Twitter. There was a regular meet up at a village some distance away and Holly and Harry Bobbins were going to be there. I was a little nervous but excited at the same time, I so hoped they would like me!

Mom put me in the back of the car with my coat, my lead and my walking collar. I don’t like travelling in the car, I always get anxious, and it was quite a long drive to Stoke Bruerne. We set off, with Dad who came along too for the ride, and I immediately started panting and whining.

When we arrived at the pub car park where they meet, I was a bit stressed out! And there was no one there! We all got out of the car and I had a sniff around. I could smell dogs so they were definitely there somewhere!

A few minutes later a big car pulled up and parked near to us. A lady got out and came over softly calling “Bellaaa”! She was really nice and made a fuss of me. It was Holly and Harry’s Mom!

She got them out of the car and at first I was a little unsure. I’m embarrassed to say that I growled, just a little bit. But then we all sniffed and touched noses and got to know each other, and I suddenly realised that they were hounds like me! I relaxed almost immediately, it was like I felt at home with these dogs!

Mom smiled and started chatting to Holly’s Mom as we walked across the car park and onto the towpath by the canal. It felt great to be walking with Holly and Harry, greyhounds like me, it was like the most natural thing in the world! I felt really happy and comfortable.

As we walked along I kept very close to Holly, she was the same size as me and black too. We walked along for a little while and I was enjoying myself. Then we saw some other hounds walking towards us! There were more of them! They got closer until we all came together and we all mingled sniffing and saying Hello. We turned round and went back the way we had come, walking as a pack! I loved this!

There was one dog that looked like a hound but was really little! I had never seen one like this before so I wasn’t too sure what she was. She explained that she was an Italian Greyhound called Gladys! Mom thought she was really sweet!

Soon we turned away from the towpath and came to a paddock. One of the Moms opened the gate and let their hound off his lead so he could run around. He ran like lighting round the paddock! I watched curiously. I hadn’t been off the lead since I ran in the road.

Then it was my turn. Mom took me in the paddock and let me loose. I just stood there at first because I wasn’t sure what was expected of me! Mom talked to the other Moms and they let a boy hound loose with me. He ran at me, so I ran away. As I galloped away he chased me, and I realised he wanted to play! We chased each other round, at full speed, skidding round the corners, and I thought how wonderful it was to feel the wind in my fur!

When I started getting tired, Mom called me back and I ran to her, as happy as I had ever been! As we walked back to the car I thought what a wonderful day it had been.


8 thoughts on “My first tweet up

  1. That sounds SO exciting and fun! I love to go places in the car with Mom and meeting other hounds is the best. I’m glad you had such a great outing and I hope you get to go back again soon.


  2. Sounds like a great time. I love this happy story. Hope you were able to meet up again. Love you xo


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