I got the Blame

I had been waiting for my chance to get to know the cat a little better.

It didn’t happen for a while, but then one day when Mom was painting the kitchen, she said she had to pop out for something.  After she had driven off, I looked up the stairs, and there was the cat! She was just sat there staring at me!

I pushed my nose against the gate, and it moved, Mom hadn’t shut it properly! I took my chance, I nudged it and pushed it and it swung open! The cat suddenly looked worried as I ran up the stairs! She sprinted into the big bedroom and behind the bed. As I followed her, she jumped onto the clean white sheets, so I sprang onto the bed and for the first time ever, I caught her!

As I stood over her triumphant,  trying to decide what to do next, she rolled  onto her back! She attacked me with all four claws, and all of a sudden my tummy felt like it was on fire!

I howled!

As I yelled, she ran! I chased her angily, as she streaked down the stairs and into the room that I slept in. I thought I had her cornered , but no, she squeezed behind the cupboard!  I scratched at it and barked at her but she just sat there looking at me through the gap. I’m sure that she was laughing at me! 

After a while,when I realised I couldn’t get her, I gave up. I lay down on my bed feeling sorry for myself. My tummy was very sore and was bleeding. Nasty cat! 

When Mom came home with Dad and saw the open stairgate, she looked very worried.  She ignored me and ran upstairs calling for the cat! She yelled as she ran around up there! I heard her shouting to Dad that there was blood on the bed and she couldn’t find the cat. She didn’t even look at me!

Poor me with my sore tummy!

Dad put me outside in the garden, with a look that made me shiver! They obviously thought I had hurt the cat! He went upstairs to help Mom look for her, and as I watched through the glass door, the cat came out from behind the cupboard and sat on my bed!! How dare she??

Mom came downstairs calling Miffy, and then saw her on my bed. She ran to her and made a big fuss! She picked her up and cuddled her and as she checked her over, she looked really surprised to find no injuries.  She looked at me through the door.

Dad took the cat back upstairs, making a huge fuss of her, which I thought was unfair, considering what had happened.

Mom called me in, she checked my head and my legs, then told me to lie down. I did as I was told. When she found the scratches on my tummy, she tutted and called me a silly hound. After a quick hug, she said they didn’t look too bad and that maybe I had learnt my lesson.

What lesson?

She rubbed some cream on my sore parts which made them sting a bit. I didn’t complain, but I felt very hard done by. I had only wanted to play, but that horrible cat had attacked me!! But I still got the blame! It seemed very unfair.

I decided there and then that I was definitely going to get my own back on her one day. Somehow!


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