Meeting Dad

Me and Mom were very happy in our new home.

We did everything together, had breakfast, walked, played, and relaxed too. When friends came round to help Mom fix up the house I was always right there in the middle of everything. I never got left out and got lots of cuddles. The cat wasn’t a problem, as she was mostly upstairs, for the first few weeks at least.

Mom still didn’t have a kitchen then, and she often struggled to think of things to cook with just a microwave and a toaster! But then she started going out for a few hours some evenings. I didn’t think too much of it at the time, except that i missed her when she went out.

One day, she got the barbecue out of the garage and cleaned it.

It wasn’t even summer yet!

She put some clean clothes on, and found some plates and just then there was a knock on the door. There was a man standing there, and Mom let him in! He was carrying a bag and seemed glad to see my Mom,so I ran to say hello and sniffed the bag.

The man pushed me away!!

I tried again and he held the bag higher! Mom said nothing, but she looked a little disappointed. We all went into the garden together and the man lit the barbeque. I watched him as he got it ready, but he wasn’t paying much attention to me.


I thought at the time that he didn’t like me, but I think it was just that he liked Mom more! He made her laugh a few times, as he cooked for her, he paid her a lot of attention, and it was nice to see her looking happy.

Later, when they had finished eating, I was rather naughty. I stole some chicken off the barbecue. The man shouted at me, which made me jump! I dropped the chicken and ran away. Mom said something to him and he frowned.

A short while later, when Mom was indoors, he called me over. I walked slowly up to him, a little unsure of what he was going to do. He reached down, ruffled my head, and gave me the chicken I had stolen earlier! How confusing! He was okay, maybe he did like me after all!


He came over a few times while Mom was having her kitchen made, and I grew to like him. He didn’t make much fuss of me, and he was much sterner than Mom,when I was naughty,  but he cared for Mom and made her happy.

As the weeks went by, the man came round more and more often. He always made dinner, and I began to like having him around. He wasn’t cuddly with me like Mom but he patted me and he was kind. I so wanted him to like me!

He’s my dad now, and we love each other very much, not like my Mom, because she is special, but almost.
I behave much better now too because I don’t like it when he gives me a stern look, though more often than not even that turns into a smile!

I am such a lucky hound!


3 thoughts on “Meeting Dad

  1. I am glad you like your new dad cos he’s nice and he looks after your mum. Hope he gives you lots of chicken and sossiges and hugs too xxxx


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