Greytful Grey

Reasons why I love my Mom.

1.  She loves me. She chose miserable, black, dull-coated me when she could have picked one of the prettier hounds at the kennels. ♡

2.  She was very patient with me when I was learning to live in her house. She didn’t get cross with me, even when I pooped in the kitchen.   ♡

3.  She gave me my very first cuddly toy. I love Grommit, I cuddle him all the time. I had never had a toy before I met my Mom.    ♡

4.  She cuddles me every day, and makes me feel loved.    ♡

5.  She taught me how to play. I didn’t know that I could disobey, if we were playing. Tuggy was an unthinkable game before.    ♡

6.  She comforts me when I’m frightened or hurt, I feel safe when I am with her.   ♡

7.  She leaves me be if I want to sleep, even if I lie in the doorway, she climbs over me so I don’t have to get up.    ♡

8.   She feeds me when I am hungry and she gives me treats when I am not. She introduced me to sausages.      ♡

9.   She protects me from myself when I am about to do something silly.    ♡

10.   She loves me.    ♡♡♡



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