Lucy’s Story

My name is Lucy and I am a Labrador.

I was born in 2008, and spent my first three and a half years on a puppy farm,  locked in a tiny room, all of the time. During this time, I had 7 litters of Labrador puppies. After my last litter, I was very poorly and my owner decided I was no longer of any use to him.

Around that time my new Mum was looking for another dog, because her dog had sadly died. She had tried to adopt from some rescue centres, but had been turned down, so she decided to try to privately rescue a deserving dog who needed a home.

During her search, an advert for me popped up! The advertisement said that my elderly owner couldn’t look after me any more and that I needed a new home. Mum contacted my owner and made lots of phone calls, and got lots of information about me, before deciding that she would like to meet me.

The first meeting, Dad said, was just to see me, they were not going to make any decisions straight away.

This was to be my first trip out of my house and I was very excited!  My owner put me in the back of a white van and drove to where my new dad works, so that I could visit these strange people and so that they could see if they liked me.

When we got there, my owner dragged me out of the van on a choke chain!  My Mum says that that was the moment she decided that I was not going back with him!

I went inside the building and immediately I wee’d on the floor, because I was so scared of these strangers. Mum took hold of my lead and my old owner just left me there.  😦

I was so very scared, that I even refused a biscuit and kept walking round, not knowing what to do.

Mum took me straight to the pet shop. I got my first proper collar and lead, and everything else I was going to need, and then a vet visit was booked for me.

The vet said that I had a deformed spine, which could cause seizures and possible brain damage, infected nipples which were still full of milk, my puppies had been taken from me while still very young, and I had bleeding paws from my first walk on concrete.

It has taken two years of socialising and training to get me to where I am today. During those two years I have had two seizures, causing me to forget all my training, and I have had to relearn everything all over again.  I have also lost almost 25kg to get back to a normal weight. I still have accidents in the house, but these are getting much less often now.

I hate being on my own, so wherever Mum goes I go. Unfortunately at the beginning, mum had to work and I couldn’t always go. During this time the neighbours complained about me crying, so mum decided to get me a friend. This helped me a lot and I can be left for a little while now, but I still prefer being with people.

In October 2014 I will have been with my mum for three years. I have a big sister, who is a Labrador cross, and a little lurcher sister and I have loads of doggy and human friends.

I have passed all my training classes and the vet says I have no issues any more!
Mum says she is very proud of me and that makes my tail wag!

Mum could have got a little puppy, but instead, she saved me from a really bad place.

That is my story.


8 thoughts on “Lucy’s Story

  1. Awww Lucy you are a lucky girl. It is very sad that you spent 3 years in misery. But I am so happy to know you are happy now with wonderful people to look after you & wonderful friends. Thank you for the wonderful story.

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  2. So sorry you had such an awful start to your life and glad that your humummy found you when she did. You now have a home here, your pals and humummy and hudaddy love you very much .

    Thanks for sharing this with us Lucy 💋💋💋❤❤❤

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  3. Lucy, do you have the address of the puppy farm where you were held? (wink wink) cause I’d very much like to visit and make some drastic changes to the staff and owners, so, if ya want, I could pay em’ a visit, just let me know….

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