Hole in the Fence

There was a hole in the garden fence.

I discovered it one day when I was squeezing behind the thick bushes looking for my squeaky ball. I don’t think Mom knew it was there, so I went closer and sniffed the hole  No dog smell.

It wasn’t big enough to squeeze through, but I could see another garden through there. Ours was still very overgrown, because Mom was making the house look nice first, but this other garden looked real good. It had a large flat lawn and some interesting shady places. I poked my head through the gap and had a look around.


Suddenly the hole got bigger! I couldn’t resist it, I squeezed myself through and went exploring. I found a small pond, with orange things moving around in it. I went closer and looked at them. They had eyes and looked back at me. I wasn’t sure what they were but they didn’t seem unfriendly. How strange!

I strolled past the pond and near the shed,and I was sniffing all around it when suddenly…..


A man appeared from the direction of the house! He didn’t look at all scary but he was shouting at me and waving his arms about! I quickly ran back towards the fence and just at that moment I heard Mom calling me too. She didn’t know where I had gone!

When I got to the fence, the hole wasn’t there! It had gone! How could a hole disappear?? I panicked! I ran from side to side trying to find it, while the man was getting closer. I could hear Mom calling, I could smell her nearby, but I couldn’t get to her! I began to get a bit scared!

I pushed my nose against the fence in a few places and suddenly the hole reappeared like magic! I tried to push through it but got my body stuck half way! I wriggled and wriggled but I couldnt move!
  So I howled!  
I heard the man talking to Mom over the fence, and then they both laughed! I didn’t feel like laughing, I know that!

I felt him come up behind me and do something to the fence, he pushed it and pulled it and the hole suddenly got big enough for me to squeeze back through! I ran straight past Mom and back to my house as fast as I could. I jumped on to my bed panting and a bit shaky!

Phew! What an adventure! 


Mom chatted to the man for a little while, and later that day he fixed that hole in the fence. When she came back in Mom said it was lucky for me that he was nice!

I don’t think I will be doing that again in a hurry!


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