The Cat’s Back…..

Just when life seemed to be getting back to normal, and it was me and Mom against the world, the flippin cat came back!!

I liked being with Mom. We had breakfast together every morning, walked together each day, and I waited patiently for her to come back while she was at work. I was free to roam the house, although I mainly stayed downstairs during the day.

Then one afternoon, about a week after we had moved in, Mom came home with a carrier. As I greeted her at the door, I came face to face, through the grill, of that pesky cat!!!  She hissed and spat at me and I jumped back quickly.

I was excited but disappointed at the same time!
What was she doing here?
I whined and then barked at her but Mom shushed me. She took the cat upstairs and put her in one of the bedrooms.  Next thing I know, she was fixing a gate at the bottom of the stairs!

I tried to open it with my nose but it wouldn’t budge! I knew she was up there, I could smell her, but I couldn’t get to her! It was very frustrating. 

The next few days Mom was really careful with the gate. The cat stayed indoors and sometimes she looked round the corner at the top of the stairs. I squealed every time I saw her and she ran away! Then one afternoon Mom left the gate ajar. I took my chance and sneaked upstairs!

It was messy up there with paint pots and tools, but eventually I sniffed her out hiding behind the door of the room with all the boxes! As I put my head around the door she swiped me across the nose with her scratchy paw!

Crikey it hurt!

I yelped, and she ran! She jumped over the boxes and up on top of a wardrobe! I rubbed my nose with my paw and tried to follow her. Mom came running up the stairs just as I was jumping up at the wardrobe and squealing at the cat.

Round One To The Cat.

I was taken downstairs and Mom told me off. It seemed very unfair.

As I nursed my sore nose I promised myself that I would get that pesky cat one day.
One day I would……


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