Our New home

Our new house was not like the old one. It was smaller for a start, it smelled funny, and there wasn’t a kitchen!

Thats right, there was no kitchen!

There wasn’t much in it at all really! Just moms sofa, chair and rug. I was puzzled, but I was just happy to be with Mom again so to be honest I didn’t worry too much.

A few hours after I got there, and had had a good sniff around the house and the garden, some of Mom’s friends arrived. Mom looked surprised but very happy to see them! They helped to collect the rest of Moms things in a big van, all of her furniture, her bed, which they took upstairs, and lots and lots of boxes.

I milled around happily, sniffing every box and wagging my tail, I’m sure I got in the way a few times but no one seemed to mind. Some of the boxes were put in the garage, some upstairs and others were piled in a little room downstairs. They were everywhere!

In the evening, someone went and got fish and chips, and we all shared them, including me!!

I didn’t see any sign of the pesky cat!

When they all left, Mom sat down with a glass of wine and I stared at her adoringly while she chatted to me. She looked exhausted, and it wasn’t long before she went up to bed. I wandered about for a little while, and then sneaked quietly upstairs and lay down next to Mom’s bed. I sighed happily.

I was home.

The next morning I sneaked downstairs before Mom woke up! She never knew I’d been there, I’m sure of it! We walked down to the local shop to buy some milk and then we both had breakfast in the living room.

Midmorning two of her friends came back! They got out some brushes and helped her to paint one of the bedrooms. I tried to help, and got some white splodges on my tail, which made Mom laugh. She kept shooing me downstairs but she didn’t seem cross so I kept coming back up! It was like a game and I enjoyed it immensely.

A bit later they all had coffee in the garden, and played chase with me until I was absolutely exhausted! Everyone seemed happy and it was so wonderful to hear Mom laugh that my tail kept wagging all by itself!

They came back every day that week and after lots of hard work, Mom said that the new house was starting to feel like home, but I thought it had felt like home the very first night we had moved in.

There’s no doubt in my mind. My home is wherever my Mom is, and it always will be.



3 thoughts on “Our New home

  1. Bella, yoo and mummy are made for each other and it’s wonderful to see the love you share with each other, which I saw again for myself, today.

    Please keep your stories coming, they make me laugh n cry in equal measure and how how a rescue dog can find a new loving home and live happily ever after

    Love you babe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. BELLA … This is such a warm & loving story. What you and your mom have is extraordinary and wonderful. I love hearing about everything u have to share. Love you Bella.

    Liked by 1 person

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