Bad Sad Times

That summer was long and warm.

I had learned so many things in the past eighteen months,  and I had settled into my forever home nicely. I was enjoying the hot weather in the garden, but indoors the atmosphere was becoming frosty.

My humans were shouting at each other sometimes, and other times they didn’t talk for days. Mom looked very sad, and would often just sit with me and talk softly while ruffling my ears.  When we went to the park she sat on the bench for ages staring into space.

I was beginning to fret and a few times I forgot about garden duty. Mom just cleared it up but thenDad got cross and they shouted more. I thought it was my fault at first, but Mom was spending more time with me than ever so I wasn’t sure.

I was very confused.

Christmas that year was not as jolly as the previous ones.They had dinner and the children came, but there wasn’t much laughter and they didn’t stay long.

One morning soon after, Mom began packing things into boxes, just little things to start with, and then she went through cupboards, sorting things into piles. Strange people started coming to the house. They looked in all the rooms but didn’t stay for coffee and they didn’t seem to want to play with me.

It was all very worrying.

A big metal skip was delivered to the front garden and Mom went up into that dark place above the bedrooms. She and some friends started dropping things into the skip until it was full, and Mom got very upset. ThenDad left that night.

The next morning Mom put my favourite toys into a bag and put them in the car. She then picked me up and put me in the car too and we went for a drive.

I did not understand it when the car pulled up at my old kennels. We got out of the car and Liz was there. She and Mom talked for a while and Mom talked to me too and cuddled me with tears in her eyes. Then she left.

She left me there!

Liz was really nice to me, she took me indoors and I stayed with her for a while but then she put me in a kennel by myself. I kept expecting Mom to come back and get me, but she didn’t.
I was distraught. What had I done wrong? Why had she left me here again? I thought she loved me!

The next few days are a bit of a blur. I stayed in the top, warm kennel and Liz let me out every day to spend time with her. I was fed, and I was looked after, but it wasn’t my home and Liz wasn’t my Mom.

I cried in the night when I was alone and in the day I just lay and stared at the walls. I felt really sad. Liz fussed me and took me for walks but it just wasn’t the same as having my own home.

I felt abandoned and unhappy and I lost interest in playing with my toys or eating. I could hear the other hounds barking, and I saw them in the outdoor pens when Liz walked me, and I remembered how it had been before I knew my Mom. My heart was sad and I pined because I realised how lucky I had been to have my own family.

But then one morning, just when I had given up all hope, I heard a car pull up outside, I heard the door slam, and then familiar footsteps were almost running down to the kennels. I knew that sound! It was my Mom, she had come back! I couldn’t believe my eyes!

She ran to me, put her arms around me and hugged me tight. At first I wouldn’t look at her. I really couldn’t understand why she was there. Was it just a visit?

I stood there without responding at all until she put on my lead and took me to her car. She lifted me into the back and then held my head and looked me in the eyes. She was crying! As I looked back at her, I knew she still loved me! My tail started wagging all by itself and I licked her face.
She hugged me again and ruffled my ears before getting in the car and driving us away.

I was so excited and happy that I didnt notice we were going the wrong way until we pulled up outside a strange house. Mom got out of the car and took me inside. This wasn’t our old home! It smelt funny and I couldn’t smell anything familiar here at all! But my bed was there, and the rest of my toys too. Even my bowl. I walked around the house, exploring, and finally found Moms sofa!

It was definitely Mom’s sofa! It smelt of her, and her cushions were there too! And her chair! Maybe this was her home, a new home. Maybe this was my new forever home? It’s impossible to describe how I felt that day, but I know that I had never been so happy.

Mom said afterwards that I was at the kennels for just two weeks, that it was the longest two weeks of her life, and that we would never be parted again.


12 thoughts on “Bad Sad Times

  1. I’m crying reading this .I have a whippet & I know how sad they R when left for even a few hours & the welcome you get when you come home .The poor owner must have been distraught at leaving her beloved dog ,& although the dog can’t talk you know exactly what they are feeling .So uplifting to hear they are back together & happy again .

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  2. I was in bits reading this as I know and love Bella and her mum. I know how much they love each other and I’m so glad it turned out so happily for them both. Luffs you both loads 💋💋💋💋❤❤❤❤💜💜💜💜💜

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  3. Oh Bella bobsyboo I felt every emotion you must have felt at that time in your life. I know you are very happy now and I try to remember this when I read your sad stories xxxx

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  4. Oh Bella!!! What a sad time for you. I understood everything you said about your confusion & sadness. I’m sure it was impossible to understand. I’m so happy to know you now & see how happy your story turned out. Love you darlin. Love you forever.

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  5. Oh Bella, we got leaky eyes reading this. We had a feeling it would end with Mom coming back for you to take you to the new home. Thank goodness, another happy ending. I know it tore her up to leave you for those 2 weeks. But it was probably best for her to get settled. I bet you were happier than ever.

    Love to You & Mom. xxoo

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  6. My Bella Bobbity Boo, you must have been so sad. That happened to me a few times being taken back to Dogs Trust and those families never came back for me. Still at least I finally got my forever home, we’s so lucky and your mom only did it to find your new house xx

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