Furry Escapades

The cat continued to bug me. She would deliberately stand by the door that I wasn’t allowed through, and I would sniff under it, itching to get to her. She was teasing me I’m sure!


Then one spring day I had my chance!

Dad left the door ajar and I nudged it open with my nose! I saw the suddenly panicked cat racing up the stairs so I chased her! I ran up after her and into the bedroom, crashing into the walls as I went. Crikey she was nimble! As I ran round the bed after her, she jumped right over it and back down the stairs.

There was pandemonium!!

Mom was shouting and thenDad was cursing, I was crashing into things as I ran and I almost fell down those stairs in my eagerness to catch her.

She was much better at cornering than me!

As we raced through the house Mom kept trying to grab hold of me but I didn’t have my collar on and I wriggled free. Eventually, the second time through the kitchen, Mom grabbed the cat and turned her back on me so I couldn’t get to her. Dad caught hold of me and almost dragged me out into the garden.

I didn’t mind at all, I was panting and hot and needed to cool down! And what fun that was!!
I don’t think I would have caught her, that cat was way too canny, and I’m not sure what I would have done if I had, but the chase was exhilarating! 

The cat still bugs me, and she continued to sit behind the door the whole time we lived there.

The squirrel was a different matter altogether, I never even got close to him! He would run along the fence outside the window and look in at me. I know he was laughing at me, because when I barked, and Mom let me out, he had always gone.

Sometimes he would come down from the tree at the end of the garden and inspect the grass but as soon as I came near, he would scuttle up into the branches. In the Autumn he would eat the beech nuts and throw the shells down at me! He was a constant annoyance. I did think I would get him one day, but then the bad thing happened and I never got the chance again.


2 thoughts on “Furry Escapades

  1. This is hilarious. I love how you embrace how much fun it was to try to catch her. You told me about the bad thing that happened but that was long ago. I’ve forgotten. Another Good story Bella.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cats are always a good workout! I love to chase them from my backyard. Don’t worry sweetie, there are other squirrels out there just waiting at the chance to tease you! I love these amazing stories! xxoo

    Liked by 1 person

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