Christmas and Molly

A few weeks after I arrived at my new home, Mom seemed to be getting excited about something.  She put this thing up in the living room that looked like a tree but didn’t smell like one!

She put packages underneath it, one in particular smelt like food! I tried to steal it a few times but Mom laughed and kept taking it off me! One morning she was busy in the kitchen doing lots of cooking! The house smelt like heaven but she kept shooing me out of the room! She was very jolly, she kept whistling, and the radio was on loud. It was obvious to me that something strange was going on.


The next morning, she got up very early and put an enormous turkey in the oven! I don’t know where it came from because if I had seen it before I would have noticed! 
After we came back from a short walk, we went into the living room. Mom smiled and said I could have my presents now! She gave me the package that smelt nice, but I wasn’t sure what to do so she had to help me open it. 
It had Schmacko’s in! Turkey flavour! Yum! (Mom didn’t know about Wonky Chomps then)
I also got a new house collar and a cuddly toy! I helped Mom to open those ones. Then she and my thenDad opened theirs, but they were not as exciting as mine.

Shortly afterwards,  Moms grown up children arrived with the girl and the baby.



The dog was Molly, her son’s Golden Retriever. I was very polite at first, and welcomed her with a mutual sniffing session, because she seemed very friendly. Lots of presents were opened, I got a new ball, then me and Molly went into the garden to play.

She was very young and excitable and we played for a while, but soon she began to get on my nerves a bit. I tried to tell her politely to calm down but she took no notice. So eventually I growled at her. Mom told me play nicely, but I was tired from all the excitement, and Molly would not leave me alone. I growled again and so Mom brought us inside.

The girl was very excited, she sat on Moms lap and they were playing a game, tickling I think. I was watching them, a bit put out because she was my mom, not hers! Anyway the girl suddenly squealed and I jumped forward! I barked because I was startled, but the girl was frightened and cried! I didn’t mean to upset her, but I was taken out to my cage and made to stay there for a while. Molly just lay down and went to sleep but I whined. 

I missed Christmas Dinner.

They all sat at the table, I could hear them laughing and talking together and I whined because I wanted to join them.
Mom didn’t let us back in until after they had finished eating,  but then me and Molly had a big bowl each of dinner too! It was delicious! 

Me and Molly have never really become friends, even years later. We went for a few walks together, and I see her now and then, but she is very bouncy and overfriendly and I am not! The problem is that she is not a hound! 

There are three children now, and some babies. I love them to bits, and they are not scared of me at all anymore, even though I am bigger than them! And I don’t get jealous of them anymore, because I know Mom loves me.


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