The Road Incident

How was I to know that cars were dangerous? 

I grew up in racing kennels, and the only time I saw a car was from a distance, or when they were moving slowly in the carpark.

At my new home, I was never allowed out of the garden without a lead. That was fine with me because I could run in the garden when I wanted to,  and I was happy to walk alongside my Mom.

Sometimes though, she would go out without me. I always wanted to go with her and I would stand by the door looking at her sadly each time she left. 

One day when she drove off in her car, my then Dad was holding me outside by my house collar. As her car disappeared around the corner, I suddenly twisted my head and slipped free!

I wanted to be with Mom, so I ran after her,on the grass beside the quiet road. I ran at my fastest pace, as I could see her car in the distance.  As she slowed down at the little roundabout I caught up with her!
But I kept going!!

Mom must have seen me because the car stopped all of a sudden and Mom jumped out. She shouted at me to come back and so I turned round and ran back towards her. But she looked really angry and upset so I kept going, running past her and back towards Dad.
He was in a right panic, waving his arms about, and I was really enjoying the run, so I swerved round him, straight past and into the busy main road!

Up until then I was quite enjoying myself, but then a big car came past me really fast, and tooted his horn and I suddenly got scared. I could hear Mom shouting, she was running towards me, and I wanted to go to her, but she looked angry!

She said afterwards that she was just really scared for me, but at the time, and in my panic, I didn’t understand that, so I just ran around in the road. Some cars swerved around me and some tooted their horns. One man shouted at me so I kept running back and forth.

Mom, my then Dad and some people walking by flagged down the traffic to try to slow them down, and luckily, after a few minutes, the cars all stopped. Mom then calmed down a little and called me quietly.

I was exhausted, and panting loudly with fear and excitement, and so this time when she called me, I went to her.
Mom held me and walked me home while thenDad went and brought back her car.


Mom didn’t say much, she just hugged me and gave me some fresh water. I went and laid down on my bed, and immediately fell asleep. 

Later that day, I heard Mom talking to my thenDad very sternly. It sounded like she was telling him off!

I was never allowed past the front door ever again without my walking collar.


6 thoughts on “The Road Incident

  1. OH MY GOD!!!!! That could have been the end of you. And how sad she would have been. How lucky we all are that all that worked out the way it did. Thnx for the story.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OMD, this sounds so scary. You got a good workout but it could’ve ended in tragedy. Be careful sweetie. A leash is always a good idea. xo


  3. My gosh, I have to say my worst fear!! I do not like when I see dogs with no leads and there iwners walking behind. You never know! I never ever walked my dogs without a lead and I never will.
    I am so happy you are ok Bella. I trust No One to walk my Bella, not even my husband!
    Again, another great little story!


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