More Poorly Paw

Part 2

Some time later, my paw started hurting. I tried not to make a fuss, but one afternoon it was so painful that I started limping again. I kept licking it until Mom came home from work, and by then it was very sore indeed. There was a nasty big pink thing between my toes! Mom took one look and got straight on the phone.


She took me to a new vet, who had been recommended to her. The nice lady vet was very gentle and had a good look at my paw. She said that I had got an abcess!! The swelling was between my toes so she couldn’t see exactly what was causing it. I was very brave as she gave me an injection then she gave Mom some tablets to put in my food three times a day. She said I was to come back a few days later to see if it was any better.

It did make the swelling go down a bit but when we went back, the vet was not happy and said she thought there was something embedded in my paw under the corn which is what was making it so sore. She asked Mom to bring me back the next morning so that she could drain it.

I was very nervous the next day when Mom took me back. She left me there at the vets and even though they were very friendly, I was worried that Mom wouldn’t come back for me!  A nice girl held me and stroked my head while the vet did something with my foot, which made it feel much better right away! But then she squeezed it which almost made me yelp!  She squeezed it again and then she wiped it and gave me another injection. After that I was shaking a little so the girl made a big fuss of me while the lady put a sock on my foot.

When Mom came to pick me up later that day, I was very pleased to see her! The vet said I had been very well behaved and hadn’t even needed a muzzle even though it must have hurt. She said she hadn’t found any foreign body in my paw but she had drained the abcess. I was to keep it clean and come back in a few days.

My sock kept falling off and Mom kept putting it back on. Eventually she stuck tape around the top to stop it falling off! I looked a bit silly but it seemed to work. The antibiotics weren’t working and soon it filled up again. When we went back to see the vet, she shook her head and tutted while ruffling my ears.

She sent me and Mom to see another vet at their other surgery. When we got there, the man vet picked me up and put me on the table!! Woah I don’t like heights! But I could tell straight away that he knew greyhounds, by the way he handled me. He told Mom that the only permanent cure was to amputate my toe!! The infection had killed my nailbed so my nail was sticking up in the air and the infection was back.

Mom looked horrified! The man said that I would run fine without my toe but that he might be able to make me better with an operation. Mom agreed for him to try so the next day I went back there again.

I have no idea what he did to me because I fell asleep! It was most peculiar. When I woke up, I was in a big cage. I tried to stand up but I just kept falling over! I felt really shaky but my foot didn’t hurt. It had a padded sock with tape on so I couldn’t see my paw.
I was still a bit wobbly when Mom came to pick me up. She gave me a big hug and thanked the vet. She lifted me gently into the back of the car and took me home. She told me that the vet had cut open my pad, cleared all of the infection out and stitched me back up

My paw was a bit sore for a few days, and the sock irritated me no end but soon it stopped hurting. I went back several times to see the vet and each time he took the sock off, inspected my paw, and put a clean one back on. The last visit was actually quite nice. Mom and I liked this man, he reminded me of Paddy, and I wagged my tail as I walked in without even the slightest limp.

The vet took out my stitches and said that he was very pleased because the operation had worked. Mom was very happy, even though the vet warned her that the corn might come back some day, as they often did.

I haven’t had any trouble with my paw since then so I guess I have been lucky. But then I know that after my start in life, I am a very, very lucky hound.


4 thoughts on “More Poorly Paw

  1. Oh dear!!! What a harrowing experince. Poor Bella. I’m so glad he didn’t have to amputate your toe also. He was a very smart man apparently and did the right thing. Great finish Bella. Thank you.


  2. Oh Bella. I admire your bravery. So happy that the nice vet lady sent you to the man that helped you. Mum was determined to make that pain go away. That’s beautiful. Another happy ending. Love you.


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