My Poorly Paw

   Part 1

I had only been at my new home for a couple of weeks when my paw started hurting. It got worse when I stood on a stone in the garden and I started limping a bit. Mom noticed straight away! She looked at my foot, and my leg and couldn’t see anything wrong but she kept a lose eye on me all afternoon.


The next morning it didnt hurt so much and I didn’t limp at all. I was okay for a few days and so Mom stopped worrying, but then I started limping again. It felt so bad that I even stood looking at her with my paw in the air, feeling sorry for myself!

   Mom picked me up and put me in the back of her car, and she drove down to see the local Vet. To be honest, I was not impressed!  He examined me, and checked me all over. I didn’t wince at all when he squeezed up and down my leg but finally he said he thought it was my shoulder that was poorly! 
He was quite young and obviously didn’t know much about greyhounds, and I couldn’t tell him could I? So he kept me there for a little while and did some X-rays. When Mom came back for me, the vet said he couldn’t find anything wrong! He said maybe I had just strained something.


A few days later, I was limping again. Mom rang my old owner and had a chat with him. He asked Mom to take me back to see him and he would have a look to see if he could find out what was wrong with me. So once again, Mom put me in the back of the car. I don’t like going in the car at the best of times, and I whined all the way there.

When we pulled up at the kennels I was a little bit confused. I thought she was taking me back to live there and so I whined again because I liked my new home very much. But at the same time I was really pleased to see Liz and Paddy! They made a big fuss of me and said I looked wonderful! I wagged my tail and went to Liz for a cuddle.

Paddy looked at my foot and found the Corn immediately! It was only small but very sore and he said that they were quite common in greyhounds! He told Mom to put some cream on it which might help but that if I kept having trouble with it, I might have to have it removed!!

Mom used the cream every day and for a little while my foot was okay. I could run around again!

But it wasn’t to last


8 thoughts on “My Poorly Paw

  1. Awww Bella … All these things I didn’t know about you. So glad that man found the corn. What happens next? I can’t wait.


  2. Eeeeeeks, poor baby. What happened later?

    Pssst, your nails look a little long in that pic. Sometimes long nails can make you walk funny too. xoxo


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