I Didn’t Know..

There were so many things in the world that I never knew existed, things I had never seen before.

1. Glass doors.
In Mom’s house, the door to the garden was made of glass. I did not know this at first and on a number of occasions, I  bumped my nose on it. I kept forgetting it was there because it was invisible.   One day I saw the cat sitting on the fence outside and rushed at her, barking!  I ran straight into the door, bounced off and fell in a heap. I felt silly and I didn’t forget after that.


2 . Stairs.
I had never come across steps before!   I rapped my knuckles on the concrete step in the garden a few times and it hurt!  The stairs in the house were like a mountain! I looked up them and couldn’t work out what to do. I saw Mom go up them but I wouldn’t. It was more than 6 months before I even tried to climb them and then I got stuck at the top because I wasn’t brave enough to try coming down!! Mom had to help me! It took ages to get good at it, and now I am not allowed because of the pesky cat!

3. The Pond.
When I moved to my forever home,  there was deep snow in the garden. The pond was frozen and I had no idea it was there! I could walk on it and it was solid. Mom told me not to play there but I still did. Later, when the snow melted, and the weather was a bit better, I ran round the garden and straight into the pond. I was so shocked that I didn’t know what to do!!
So I just stood there, thigh deep in the water and howled. Mom came over and called me to come out but I couldn’t move! I was frozen with fear! She had to come in herself and lift me out, one leg at a time. She towelled me dry and warmed me up but it frightened me a lot! I didn’t run near the pond after that.


4. Toys
Mom gave me two stuffed toys, Grommit and Seany. I had never had anything of my own before and I loved them immediately.  I cuddled them on my bed and carried them around with me. I even took them in the garden. I didn’t hurt them or chew them up, I just loved having them.  Later on I got squeaky toys and I squeeked them non stop! Mom just looked at me and smiled. They made me happy.


2 thoughts on “I Didn’t Know..

  1. Awww Bella. You are such a sweet little thing. I loved the part where you feel in love with your stuffed toys. Made mummy cry a little. I love you so much Bella.


  2. Oh Bella, another amazing and heart warming tale of your happy life after finding Mom. We love your stories. Thanks so much for sharing.


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