Food Thief

The hardest thing I have had to learn as a rehomed greyhound, and something I still struggle with, is food.

I like eating, and I like to eat most things really. In the kennels,  the only time I saw food was when I was being fed. I shared a kennel, so I learnt to eat fast, unless I wanted to lose it!

When I first came to my forever home I wasn’t to know that Mom didn’t like sharing her dinner! I was a bit put out when she tapped my nose every time I tried. There she was, sat at the table and I could see the delicious food on her plate, I could see her eating it, and I couldn’t have any!   It was incomprehensible to me!!


  My nose is at just the right height to sniff along the kitchen worktops and I did, all the time. If I saw something nice, I took it. Why shouldn’t I? Wasn’t it there for me to eat? At first,  because I didn’t know it was wrong, I did it in front of Mom, I even took things out of her hands! Bread was the biggest temptation!  I love bread. And sausages of course!
Each time, she told me off sternly and took it off me. I was confused, and I hated being told off, because it made me feel sad,  but it was irresistible.
     I soon learnt  to wait until she wasn’t looking.She only had to turn her back for a minute! I had her sandwiches a few times, and once I had a whole pack of ham! Mom started to put any food right at the back of the worktops but I just jumped up and took it anyway. I tried to be sneaky, I would eat it real fast so she didnt see, but somehow she always knew it was me.

   One day I stole a whole loaf of bread. It was still half frozen and in a bag. The back door was open so I ran with it down the garden. I had ripped it open and eaten half of it before she caught me! I had such a telling off!!

Mom tried shutting me out of the kitchen then. I was only allowed in when she was there. That didn’t stop me though.When Moms grandchildren came round I would steal food off them. They were little and it was so easy, no food was safe.

One day mom put a sandwich on the table and turned away. I snuck up and was just about to take it when ‘Bang!’ She clapped her hands! It made me jump and I turned and saw she was watching me! She did that all afternoon. She pretended not to watch me but then made a loud noise each time I tried to steal it!! She was being sneaky!! I never got that sandwich and I was a bit more wary with her food after that. But I still got away with plenty!
Once she made jacket potatoes for lunch. She had got them out of the oven and put them on a plate, when the phone rang. They smelled so good I just had to have one! I grabbed it but ‘Crikey!’ It was hot!! I dropped it and she saw me! She shouted but I wanted it so bad I picked it up and ran into the garden. My mouth was burning as she chased me, shouting at me to drop it. I ate it on the run! Mom chased me round the garden as I bit it, then dropped it, ate a bit more, dropped it again and finally swallowed it.

She was not pleased.

She had no chance of catching me so I got to eat it but my mouth hurt for the rest of the day!!

It’s not as if I was hungry, I had plenty of good food to eat. I had weetabix every morning and dog food in the evening, and snacks in between but I just wanted it so I took it! It took a long long time to learn that it was naughty.
I don’t do it quite so much now, I do try to be good, but some things are just irresistible! Maybe one day……


4 thoughts on “Food Thief

  1. You are lucky you didn’t burn yourself bad sweetie. But it’s so hard to resist good food. I counter surf. I love to. It’s what we do. Good story sweetheart. Thank you.


  2. Bella you are a darling and I can understand about smelling delicious food and wanting to eat it.

    When you were in the shelter, you didn’t have such yummy foods.

    I can understand. Those sausages look so yummy by the way.


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