That Pesky Cat

As soon as I moved to my forever home, I was aware that there was another animal in the house. I didn’t see it but I could smell it. I knew it wasn’t a dog and I was very curious. There was one door I wasnt allowed through and it went upstairs. Sometimes I could hear something moving about on the other side of the door, it smelt interesting!

One morning mom put my muzzle on me which was odd! I hadn’t seen it since I left the kennels. Then Dad put my lead on but didnt take me outside! My then dad opened the door I wasn’t usually allowed through and Mom was standing there holding a cat! A small furry thing which looked at me with fierce green eyes. I just couldn’t help myself! I squealed and rushed forward at Mom.


I must say the cat overreacted slightly. Her hair fluffed out and she hissed!! She turned and clawed her way up Moms front and over her shoulder, jumped down onto the stairs and ran away. Mom yelped and I was squealing as my training took over. I wanted to give chase! I pulled and squirmed on the lead but my then dad pulled me back through the door.

Poor Mom had scratches all up her neck and arm but all she was worried about was the pesky cat! She kept saying ‘poor Miffy, poor Miffy”  It took a few minutes for them to calm me down and I kept going back to that door and sniffing, but the cat stayed away.

Mom tried again a few days later and this time my then dad held me tighter. I couldn’t run forward and this time I just whined, but the stupid cat still panicked and ran away. Mom did try again a few times but I think the cat had decided right from the beginning that she wasn’t going to like me. Mom was very disappointed.  She had hoped we could be friends.


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