The First Few Weeks

After a couple of weeks of being in my new home, Mom was still sleeping on the sofa. She had been moving my bed closer and closer to the back door each night until I was happy to sleep there, in the utility room as long as I could hear her nearby.

I still didn’t like being alone and I was still messing in the house too, when I was left alone. There were just so many rules.

It was all so different to what I was used to!

One day Mom went out and I panicked!

 I howled and barked but she didn’t come! I scratched at the door with my claws and bit the handle, I tried to dig at the wall and chewed the wood at the bottom. I got myself into such a state!!

Mom got home and shook her head and sighed.  Later she said she was only gone 20 minutes but the room was trashed!

She bought a cage the very next day.

It was huge and metal with a tray in the bottom. Mom put my bed inside and a blanket on top. She asked me to get in but I wouldn’t. 

She left the door open all day and put a sausage inside. I wanted that sausage, I really wanted it! After a while, when she wasn’t looking, I went inside and snatched the sausage!  I turned round and quickly trotted back out.

Nothing happened.

A bit later I went in again, and back out. It wasn’t so bad. My comfy bed was there and it felt safe, so eventually I went inside and lay down. Mom didn’t seem to notice, she didn’t say anything anyway!

That night, after my last walk, I went and lay down on my bed. Then Mom shut the door and went upstairs! At first I stood and whined but somehow I felt safe, and after a while I lay down and went to sleep.

When I woke up it was early morning and I needed to pee. I didn’t want to pee on my bed though!  I didn’t know what to do so I whined. Suddenly Mom was there, she opened the cage and took me straight outside. She made a huge fuss and said what a good girl I was!

 After that, she put me in the cage every night and whenever she went out anywhere. She went out for longer and longer each time,  leaving me in my cage with the door shut.

It took quite a long time before I realised that she would always come back. That was when I stopped worrying and started snoozing instead!

Every time she got home, and every morning, she took me straight outside to pee, until it seemed natural to do it outside. You should have seen the smile on Moms face the first time I stood by the door when I wanted to go outside!

She was so pleased!

By then I loved her very much and it made me feel proud to make her smile.

  Soon after, she started leaving the cage door open when she went out.  I knew by then that I was safe and I didnt worry, so I didn’t chew anything ever again. I did still have accidents in the house occaisionally, but they became less and less.

I was getting to like being a pet! I still had a lot to learn, but the love and cuddles, and nice treats were well worth it!



9 thoughts on “The First Few Weeks

  1. Your Mummy is so smart. She knew exactly what to do to comfort you & I bet she still does the right things today. This is a real story of love. Can’t wait to read more. xo


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