The Beginning, by Shayna Palmer

In the cold winter of 2012 I was already living on the streets of Epsom, Surrey in England and I wasn’t even a year old. I have no coat to speak of and I had no warm bed at night to curl up in. By the time I was found and taken to the rescue centre I had a huge swelling on my side where some injury had taken a turn for the worse and I was like a little skeleton.
The rescue centre was Battersea Dog and Cat Shelter in Old Windsor and as well as operating on the lump on my side they spayed me.
They gave me a nice warm bed of my own and food every day but I was scared and confused and had no idea what was going to happen to me in this noisy busy place.

Mummy n Daddy have had 8 other rescue dogs and in the last four years they had gone from having 3 to having none when they lost their last boy in December 2012. They had moved from Scotland to Essex for mummy’s work in July of that year but they both hated it and once they didn’t have a dog it was even worse. They missed their friends and the views, the people and the Scottish way of life.
Mummy decided she needed another dog to look after and she wasn’t well either and needed something to help her feel better.
Daddy didn’t want another dog because he was still so upset by the loss of their other dogs but he agreed to go with mummy to see me because she had seen me on the website

Mummy went through all the checks and the registration process and on the 16th March they set off to drive to Old Windsor to see me.
When they got there they found that I had come down with kennel cough and were asked if they still wanted to see me or see some other dogs.
Mummy still wanted to see me and I was brought out to meet them.

I was not in the least bit interested in these people who were saying hello to me, I had already met some other people and they had gone away and left me in the place so I didn’t make any effort. I was feeling really ill with the kennel cough and was quite weak and depressed. They took me outside for a walk around the grounds but I wasn’t interested and kept stopping and sitting down so they couldn’t take me any further.
Daddy wasn’t impressed and wasn’t interested in taking me, he said I had zero personality, but mummy saw that I needed help and she knew she could give me what I needed. Mummy convinced daddy to adopt me and they signed the paperwork.

I had to be released by the vet because the swelling on my side was still there and I had the kennel cough. The vet examined me and said that I had a very bad strain of the cough and in my weak state I might not make it. He said I could stay there for a couple of weeks to see what happened. Mummy said no, they would take me home where I had a better chance of coming through it.
I left that day in a car being cuddled in a blanket on the back seat by my new mummy. They said that day could be my birthday and they would class me as being 1 year old which the vet said was about right.
I had found my forever home, no-one knew whether I would survive to spend much time there………..

By Shayna



4 thoughts on “The Beginning, by Shayna Palmer

  1. Oh Shay … What a sad but wonderful story of love & hope. You are a terrific friend to me & I can’t wait to meet the woman who gave you your tremendous life. I love you Shay.


  2. Oh Shayna, you are a beautiful girl & you’re so lucky that Mummy saw that right away. What a wonderful, happy ending. Love you. xo


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