My New Home



My first thought when I was led through the door of my new home was that I couldn’t smell hounds.
  My entire life, up until then, I had been surrounded by other greyhounds To not smell them or hear them was very strange to me.  There were lots of other smells though. Some I didn’t recognise at all and some that I felt were in some way familiar,  I just wandered about for a while, sniffing,  trying to make sense of  all those interesting odours. 
  After I had explored for a little while, I needed to pee. I squatted, but before I could go, Mom made a funny noise and I jumped! She quickly took me into the garden and I went there instead.  I didnt know about garden duty!  Its embarrassing now but back then I just went when I needed to!! Shocking huh!!
That very first day, Mom showed me  my new bed. It was in the corner of the kitchen and it was just mine! It was big and comfy and I liked it. I could lie there and watch Mom as she moved about. I had no idea what she was doing but  the kitchen was soon filled with the most delicious smell!!

  That was when I discovered sausages!  She and Dad sat down at the table to eat their dinner and it smelt delicious! My mouth was watering but when I tried to take one off Moms plate she tapped my nose and said NO. She wouldn’t share with me!  How unfair it seemed, so I stared at them and kept trying to take one. Mom kept pushing my nose away until she had eaten it all up!!
But aftrr she had finished eating ,  I found that she had saved me some! She gave me 2 sausages and “OMD!” they were wonderful! I devoured them in seconds and wanted more. I couldn’t believe something could taste so good!

There were so many things I didn’t know back then like pooping outdoors and not helping myself to food.  Mom said I just hadn’t been taught my manners and it was her job to teach me. She was very patient with me. She never got cross, though my then dad did sometimes.  I had so much to learn!

  Later that night, the first in my new home, I had my biggest shock. They both went upstairs to bed! I was left downstairs on my own in the dark, and I hated it. I had never been alone in my life!  So I howled and I howled some more. My howl is very loud so Mom came down and patted me and took me back to my bed. But then she left again so I howled again. And then I barked! This happened again and again and in the end Mom gave up and she slept on the sofa, with me next to her on my bed.   While she slept, I’m ashamed to say I pooped and peed in the kitchen. It wasn’t really my fault though because I didn’t know not to.
When Mom woke up,  she just cleaned it up and took me out for a walk. My then dad was cross but Mom shushed him and said it was bound to happen. She didn’t seem cross at all!
I love Mom for that.






6 thoughts on “My New Home

  1. So sweet Bella! Love this one also! You really hit the jackpot with your mom. You got your very own cozy bed and you were introduced to sausages! Yummmmmmy


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