One Snowy Day…….

My life started for real on that fateful day when I first met my ‘Mom’. I say fateful, because it very nearly didn’t happen!

Mom had heard all about me from my owner who she had met just a few weeks earlier, and she had arranged to come to see me one Saturday. On the Friday,  it snowed. Big time. I don’t know if you remember December 2011, but it was the most snow we had had in one day for years!

The roads were a foot deep and hadn’t been cleared, and Mom only had a little car.  She did think of cancelling,  but she wanted to meet me so she decided to at least try to get to the kennels.  And she did! She arrived with her daughter and my then dad just after our breakfast.

I was brought out on a lead with two other hounds who were more confident than me. They were older and both had raced, they knew they were handsome and it showed! They bounced around and wagged their tails and looked glorious. I stood there with my head down. I had been through all this before and nobody ever picked me. I was a dull black and hadn’t raced, I wasn’t beautiful like them.

But,  a miracle happened! Mom wanted me! I couldn’t believe it. She told me afterwards that it was because I looked so sad. And she wanted to make me happy. She’s nice like that!

My owner decided that I could go home with her that day, so they cleaned my teeth and gave me a last check up. They gave Mom my collar and a lead, and a muzzle. I didn’t understand what was happening and to be honest I was really confused.  Mom lifted me into the back of her car and I remember shaking with fear. Mom rubbed my ears and said everything would be okay but it didn’t feel that way. Not at all!

It was a long slow drive to my new home. Moms daughter cuddled me and chatted to me all the way but I was still frightened.  I had no idea where I was going or what was going to happen! I had only ever known the kennels and this was all very new to me.

If only I had known then what I know now, the following few weeks would have been so much different. 



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